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How to prepare for a competition





So, you're thinking of registering, or you have registered in a competition in the exciting world of action sports. That is so exciting! This could be a great experience. You'll want to prepare well so you can do your best. Following are some guidelines to help you succeed:

1. Remember, people who do actions sports are athletes. Treat yourself like one--eat right, drink plenty of water, get plenty of sleep, and stay away from harmful and addictive substances. Eat, drink, act, speak, and think like an athlete. 

2. Practice, practice, practice. You've heard of the 10,000 hour rule: If you spend 10,000 hours at almost anything you could be world-class at it. You may not be planning to spend 10,000 hours at your sport, but spend enough time at it to be the best you really want to be.

3. Be safe while you practice. Wear the gear! Helmet, kneepads, shin guards, gloves, elbow pads. You can't perform well, or even practice well, if you are injured. And no amount of cool-factor is sufficient to make up for face lacerations and a concussion, or a broken kneecap.

4. Practice in safe conditions. Don't be throwing your first attempt at a back flip onto a concrete ramp--you're not likely to win--concrete is way harder than your bones, head, elbows.... Instead, use an air bag, a resi, grass, soft dirt, anything softer than solid wood or concrete to develop your big new learns.

5. Consider hiring a coach. Most of the best athletes in the world credit their coaches for much of their success. Action sports coaches can also be immensely valuable. They'll be able to watch what you do and help you improve much faster than you can on your own. House of Wheels has coaches available for a single session or more if you want. And there are almost always other riders in the community that are more advanced than you--just ask and they may be able to help you a great deal just for the joy of building their sport.

6. Challenge your friends, make up little competitions, or find smaller competitions to help you get read for the big ones. The motivation may help you improve, and help you learn to manage the nerves. You may also learn the areas of your sport you need to work on the most.

7. Prepare mentally as well as physically. You may want to do an EARLY practice session, well before the competition, at the site where the competition will take place. This will allow you to get a feel for the park and to start designing your best line of tricks. For the big competition, your best tricks need to be planned and practiced, in sequence. Your performance is time-limited so you don't want to waste time figuring out your next trick. This is where muscle memory will come into effect and help you overcome being nervous on the big day. You may even consider another session or two at the competition site, even with a coach there to help you.

8. Learn what the rules and judging criteria will be and make sure you maximize your performance based on those rules--for instance, if backflips are prohibited in your category, don't plan to win by doing multiple backflips. In short--learn what the judges will be looking for, and become the best you can at those things.

9. Make sure your equipment is in top condition. House of Wheels is the best place to get your ride dialed, get high performance parts, get the best custom ride suited to your riding, and has the best selection of new rides. 

And that's about it. Nine steps to competition success. Action sports is an area of creativity, courage, and skill, and doing your best also demands safe and focused practice. You will want to pay attention to both mental and physical preparation to do your best. Best of luck on your ongoing journey in the fun and exciting world of action sports.

The HOW Team