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Party at House of Wheels!

Unfortunately, With the Recent restrictions we cannot currently offer birthday parties. Please book your individual ride time.

Have your party at House of Wheels! Just pre-purchase a table on the date and time of your choosing. Prices include riding passes for the number of participants shown in each Party Package. But, if you are bringing a group with fewer than 6 riders, you don't get the same discounts, but you can book just a Table to be sure you have a place to gather.

Rentals are available for those who don't have their own equipment.

Scooter rental $8 

Skateboard rental $6 

BMX rental $10

...and the party's on!




Can I bring outside food?   Yes

Is there a room?  No, just a designated, partitioned area with table and chairs to fit your group.

Can kids bring their own scooters, etc.?  Yes

Are helmets mandatory? Yes

Are knee and elbow pads mandatory? No

How do I find out more? email your questions to: [email protected]