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Rules of the House

Rules of the House

Note: Anyone who breaks the rules and does not respond to House of Wheels Ltd. staff instructions to change behavior will be asked to leave the park. Continued breaking of the rules can be met with action up to and including lifetime ban from House of Wheels indoor skate parks in Edmonton and Calgary.


1. Riders must have a signed waiver to ride.

2. Helmet must be on and buckled while riding.

3. Be courteous – use good park etiquette.

4. Bullying of any kind will not be tolerated.

5. Obey Staff at all times.

6. Ride within your limits.

7. No drugs, no alcohol, no vaping, no smoking, no swearing, no tagging or graffiti.

8. Ride only in park area – no riding in showroom or seating area.

9. One at a time on the air bag and resi-ramp.

10. Food and drinks are allowed ONLY in the seating area.