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Schools and other groups


House of Wheels is pleased to welcome groups of teachers from any Edmonton area School at no charge. How can you bring your students for a shred if you haven't had some fun first? Each teacher group will get to experience the same program and coaching as the students will have. 

Email: [email protected] to book!


House of Wheels is equipped to help anyone onto some wheels, then into the air! Our Expert (and friendly) staff will coach any student through the first steps... or rolls... toward an exciting, challenging, active lifestyle.

ACTIVITIES WILL INCLUDE: Freestyle Scooter riding w/ coaching.

TIME FRAME: Up to 2 hours; morning or afternoon sessions are available 

AGE GROUP: Grades 4 to 12. Each participant will need a waiver signed for them by a legal guardian. Waiver can be signed online.

GROUP SIZE: Up to 60 students. Groups bigger than 30 students: some will need to bring their own scooter. 

Helmets are mandatory: Bring your own if possible. We have lots as well.

COST: $250.00

Email: [email protected] to book your class or teacher group.



How does H.O.W. help you meet Alberta Education Curriculum?

At House of Wheels we pride ourselves on providing a variety of developmentally appropriate skill-building experiences for students. We provide an environment wherein students are emotionally and physically safe, where the climate is positive. We thrill at each student's little success as they learn new skills. Activities at House of Wheels promote and foster:

We also facilitate inclusion of the following in your Physical Education planning to help you achieve General Outcomes and Specific Outcomes applicable to your students:

  CONTACT US TODAY to book your school field trip to House of Wheels! If you're not a teacher... tell your teacher so they can book it.